Celebrating 10 years in business is a significant milestone for any small business owner, but for us it is truly something special. Our journey started in 2013 from humble beginnings inside a small room in the corner of our house. It began out of necessity due to unsecure job situations for both of us. It was a year that we decided to dedicate our time and efforts towards something special, a business that we could control.

Frank was working inside the office product business as a technician on high end production copiers, so he was the perfect person to learn how to use and maintain our laser engravers. Dawn was working in retail, but had a previous life as a pastry chef, specializing in custom wedding cakes. The two of us thought that a business creating wedding and special occasion cake toppers would fit perfectly into our scope of knowledge and experience. After 6 months of learning our design program, we launched our business, Finesse Laser Designs LLC.

Over the years, the business has worked with countless clients, helping them add a special touch to their weddings with unique and beautiful cake toppers. We have grown and evolved, expanding our product line to include other personalized items such as ornaments and now Polar Drinkware.

Through it all, we have remained committed to providing exceptional customer service and high-quality products. As we celebrate this milestone, we look back on a decade of hard work, dedication, and passion, and we look forward to many more years of creating beautiful, personalized items for our clients.

We could not have reached this milestone without our decade worth of customers. If you are part of that list, then Thank You! If you are not yet part of the list of our customers, then we hope to add you soon. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about us.